zaterdag 28 mei 2011

SOS Rocket68 @ Wijk 28-05-11

Last saterday i went off to Wijk aan Zee.

Wijk, Zoomed out..
..and zoomed in.

I left my SOS Rocketfish 82 at home, because last week i cracked my finbox.
It needs to be repaired. :-( But also the setup will be changed from single to a TriFin setup. Im excited to see how that will work out in the end.
But for now im not having a 80liter board to sail on.
I had no other choice to go on my smaller board, SOS Rocketfish68 or my bigger board SOS Rocket92L.. BUt i sold all my smaller powerbox finsizes.. and sailing fullpower with a 27cm fin is not my kinda thing. The Rocketfish 68 it will be. The conditions looked a bit the same as last weekend, only today was a colder, grey and rainy day.
Rigged up a 5.0m2 instead of a 4.5m2. Because of the lower volume.

Most people were out on 4.7m2. A 5.0m2 was overall a goodsize today. sometime a little bit full almost overpowerd.

Here below the weatherconditions of todays session. 220degrees SOUTHWEST
Windspeed 14ms to 20ms.
a lot less winds @ strand Horst the same day (glad i didnt went there)
Martijn de Man sailing back to shore... with his black sado 4.7m2.. photo's were taken from the parkingspot.
This one should do the job for today.
Surfbuddy Jop tuning his gear and getting to go out.

Its always fun having a GOPRO cam on the water. here just a few shots taken from the GOPro...Ihave also (again) a lot of muvee... but i guess that ll have to wait for the wintermonths 8-) Man o man, editing stuff takes to much time lol.
Looping around with the GOPRO

slashing some waves.

Upto the next session. Hopefully then on my new/old customized SOS RocketFish82 Trifin setup!!!

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