zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queensday 30 april'11 The Other Side - Waddenzee Texel

Today its Queensday.. We went to Den Burg, the 'big' city over here. Bought some kiddy goodies at the market and enjoyed the great weather.
The impossible has actually happened!!! - My wife bought herself her very first Wetsuit! - That in 'Roxy style' :-)

that ll be tested soon @ strand Horst on those summerly days.

Later on the day, we went to 'The Other Side' of the island and had my piece of fun out there between the sheeps. lol.
Its really a sheep island, sheep here, sheep there, sheeps everywhere.

The wind was totally in a EAST direction, about 6-7 beaufort. Hard enough to rig my 5.0m2 and SOS Rocketfish 82L.

Local Bart Goemans was just about to leave. Luckly it got on time, as it was still hightide. One other holidaytripper came by aswell, so we had our bits of fun together on the water.

My family was on the lookout, as my babygirl was asleep in the car.

My son was searching for shells and took them all home (and placed in my garden now)

Full power with the 5.0, I did quite a few tabletops some were quite high and tweaked. So much fun in these choppy conditions.

On the look out and searching for shells.

Rock on!

Got this one'snapshot'from a bit of film. a small tabletop.

On the island they have some kinda tradition on queensday called 'Meierblis!
chase away the ghost from the island, some other say its a 2nd newyearseve.. Anyway. they set the whole island on firrrrrrrrrrrrrre

Burrrrrrrrrrrn it down

Bye Texel - hopefully be back soon

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