dinsdag 12 april 2011

Afterwork session @ Horst 12th April 2011

I'm so glad the wintermonths are finally over. After work, i went straight off to Horst for an eveningsession. Rigged my Point-7 7.2m2 ac-1 2k11 for the third time now, which went surprisingly quick this time. I've rememberd the 'how to rig a p7 ac1 2k11' vimeo movie! ;o) My streamlined extension was set on 30cm, and had like 0.7mm left. A little bit more downhaul then last time. Boomsettings i cant remember.

I took the advice from Point-7 the other day, to sand down the last 20cm of the lowest bottum batten, from 6mm to 4mm. So the camber rotation would be bits better.
I do have to admit. The sail does rotate finally, but not good yet. Im wondering if other battens needs to be sanded the same way... i'll come back to that.

Today I only took one board FF102 and one sail 7.2m2 in my car. Didnt leave me much choice.

I heard that loads of speedies were busy out there today with smaller gear. But the wind seemed to drop a lot. Compared to the first time i tried the same combo, i placed a bigger fin underneeth, a 36cm c3 venom instead of a 34cm. Had more lift and even more speed it seemed. Had non spinouts today.

The windconditions: Northwest,3-4-5 beaufort. -15cm NAP.

Waterlevel has raised to a normal level, so we can use longer fins again without any problems.
The northwest directions makes the spot even more fun as really long laps are possible. Laps can be about 3 to 4km. To bad it was over so soon.

I didnt do any speedsurfing today, just cruising up and down the lake. But noticed a max speed from almost 60kmh on the gps.

The wind kept on dropping and I called it a day. In the dark Richard, Willem Jan and I went off to the big yellow M, grabbing a bite.

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