zaterdag 30 april 2011

26 april 2011 -pole 28 Texel


As we are on the island allready for a few days, it was time for me to get some quality time on the water. Yes!

I decided to go towards Paal 28, a bit on top of the island. A few kilometres below to the lightpole.

The conditions were like 5-6 beaufort, with a Northeast direction which was side to sideoffshore over there.

As noonelse was on the water, i took my iphone with me, just in case if something would happen out there.

At first i went out on my SOS Rocketfish 82 combined with 5.0m2. I just love this combination. I't been a while that ive been sailing with sideoff condtions.

I had some really nice waves out there. Nothing big but good enough to hit some lips. The wind became less and quickly I went over to my 5.4m2 and good old Malibu WaveWarrior.

I had my GoPro HD with me on the water today, and have to edit some film still. Asap... but then again. I got lots of film left to edit, from the wavedays in february and from march 2011. And a speedsession and and... Nevermind, probably done by next winter. Just be patient :)

We finished the day having a few drinks at the pole28 restaurant. It was a pleasant day to be on the water.

Tommorow is looking good aswell!

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