zaterdag 30 april 2011

27 april 2011 - Pole 9 -Texel

Cruising around the island is what we've done a lot. Visiting all them little villages once or twice :)Here we are @Ecomare

watching them lil fishes and seals.

Enjoying himself on the trampoline at our stay ;o)

I went kiting quite a lot with my little boy. One of them days the line snatched several times because the wind was to strong.

But there was also a bit time left to be on the water :)
My wife dropped me off at spot pole9, and came back several hours later.

I surfed there with Local Bart Goemans and one other guy.
The wind was good for my 6.6m2 and Malibu Wavewarrior.

Nothing radical. but nicely getting tanned as the weather was great.

We ended up having a nice dinner at restaurant Pole9 - Texel.

The coming days the winddirection is in a East Direction. Probably I'm going to surf one of these days on the other side of the island where are no waves at all, perhaps there will be some steep chop to jump on.. We will find out.

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