zondag 24 april 2011

Island hopping.. Texel 25th april till 1th of May 2011- Wavesailing?

Coming week im going with my family to the Island of Texel... strange enough, I've never been there before in my life.
The forecasts looks good, although a bit crossofshore it seems.. But hey! I'ts an small island. Hopefully i get to do a bit of wavesailing.

My intention was to take just one board with me, but I just made a last minute decision to bring two ;o) My good (13yr) old Malibu WaveWarrior +-93L and My SOS RocketFish 82L combined with three sails P7 Sado 6.6 - 5.4 and 5.0m2. Hopefully it all fits inside the car including my wife and 2 kiddies.Im excited to go, stay tuned!

Texel here we come

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