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FLIKKA'S SECRET WEAPON! - My latest project - JC. - Part 1.

My newest full customized Project   - JC

After the lightwind FLIKKA EDBOX  project >103 Trailer/TriWave (see below), it was now time to replace my 2 other Quatro boards (LS75/85) for one does it all kinda customboard, next to my  Flikka Edbox103, which is such an amazing board. That board does it all from 4.2m2 overpowerd.

(Ireland - stoney gap - fully powerd on the swag 4.2)

upto to light winds 6.2m2 underpowerd in smaller or big waves.

See project Flikka EDBOX here below

I can say my last project  Edbox turned out to be a succes! Ive been sailing my Flikka EDBOX this year allready so many times. Used it troughout European coastlines.  Been windsurfing this year in England, Ireland, France, Denmark and ofcourse a lot in the Netherlands.  It doesnt matter whereever im using the EdBox, big or small, Choppy or clean conditions... It just rips. Fully in control, that from low to high winds!

 My new project !

Cads (Censored) outlines: 

From now on it will be a  2 board (wave)quiver!   My goal is to have a set of 2 fully customized boards with a bigger range then my former 3 quatro quad ls boards (Quatro LS75/85/95).Less is hopefully more!


My newest toy is meant for  medium to hardcore stormchase conditions!
Sail range :  i will use it from 5.0m2 down to 3.2m2. With probably a sweetspot for 4.6/4.2/3.7m2.
A hardcore board with a bit of extra volume that is.  Which turns on a dime, has maximum control in rough condions. Speed is not particarly important, but control and manouvrability is. (control  in rough conditions means more speed anyway)

The last decade I normally used smaller waveboards in stormchase conditions. For example a JP realworldwave 68/69L, a SOS rocketfish 68L. The Quatro quad LS75 was the smallest of my last quiver.   A few months ago I tried out a Flikka full quad 80L from Torben and compared it to my QuatroLS75, see revieuw here.

It was time to get my own Flikka magic! I started out sharing my thoughts in august 2013 with the shapers of Flikka; Luka and Janez.  By the end of october it got in. The result is fenominal.



Well, short, very short!  It has the exact same lenght as my Edbox.


6 cm smaller then my Edbox.
A small OFO .
 Brings out the volume mostly  in the middle, adding thickness and more volume in the front section.


 5 slotboxes built inside!  Trying out every multi fin combination id like.

From twin, tri, trailer to a quad setup. Who knows i might try out a 5 fin combo! ;)
 All finset ups possible with big thanks to Maui Ultra Fins for all the support i get from them!  Ive got the Xtwins and Xquads in different boxes and sizes.  :-)



                                                               Yes, you can!

The Maui Ultra Fins are for you aswell to try out and test! Just ask me whenever i'm at the beaches/parking. You ll be positively surprised.

Shape details:

  Work in progress inside the shapingroom  

Sharp thin rails in the tail area with a deeply inverted Fish -tail.
Volume about 82-83L which should be perfect for my weight.
 Its relatively wide in the middle and in the front section.Turning on a dime rocker .
All the ideas/features i had for the perfect waveboard comes together in this one.
Box, Fish, Keelquad...
 For example I loved the keelquad concept from Stone design, adding some other thoughts into it, combined with some Flikka Magic and we have a fenominal fully customized waveboard. :-)
An 82Liter board able to handle extreme conditions. Enough float to keep me above troughout going over the breaks.  A small thin sharp tail for control and radical waveriding.  Short in lenght so its easy to go into the pocket! A huge cutout (fish)in the tail, so i can make them bottom/topturns even more agressive.  Deep concaves for maximum control in stormchase/ messy conditions.
5 Finboxes to use all possible finsetups in different conditions


A hardcore carbon construction, which is lighter as the standard version. But so much stronger.
combined with dyneema reinforcements. 4 Bolts for each footstrap, i prefer a wide strapstance, so placed them around 46 and 44cm.
More details about construction you can find on their websites


Well i must say  the graphics turned out to be insane! 
Probably you allready seen it on the largest windsurf facebookpage World of Windsurf.  It got about  300+ likes and its design got shared wherever worldwide.

Stay tuned for part.2

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