maandag 25 november 2013

Sideoff @ IJmuiderslag !! 24 november 2013

Northeast is a  sideoff direction at ijmuiderslag.  At ijmuiden close to the pier  there were no waves really. Ijmuiderslag was the plave to be.
Went there with 3 surfbuddies of mine. Robin, Bart and Wouter. 

We Rigged up the biggest sail from each quivers. I had my bits of fun with the 5-Oceans sail 6.2m2. A bit of regret when i finally was on the water the first second i immediately was overpowerd :-S    should of rigged 5.6 or 5.3m2. But its a way long walk down the the beach, so i took it as it comes.

Had my flikka edbox underneeth which did its job perfectly.  Everytime im on that custom edbox i enjoy it more and more. Now im mainly playing with different fin set ups..  see and feel what it does. Setup today was the maui ultra fin xwave 17.5 as a center and 2x 15.5 on the sides.  The first time i use it as a trifin.. more about that some other time.
The strong wind didnt took long though.
Had a few really nice waverides. I didnt count the turns really but it were more then i normally do along the dutch coastline. In other words at times the waves were fantastic. You just had to be lucky catching the right one.  And i got lucky several times.  A short and cold session it was. Hopefully next time i get to try out my newest  Flikka JC customboard!!

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