zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

New toy! Naish Hokua GT 9'5

Time to step over to a more  wave orientated SUP!!

From Starboard Element 9'8 Silver AST to Naish Hokua GT 9'5.

Length   9'8 to 9'5
Volume 153L to 140L
Width    30' to 29'5'

The outline

Can you see the differences?


The change in specs looks minimal but on the water im sure these little changes in specfs make a world of difference.  

The Naish Hokua GT 9'5   has a smaller pointy nose

Super thin rails!

A lot of tailkick! 

The rails are extremely thin, especially on the back end!

Curious how this SUP will do in the dutch breaks. The first day that we have some decent swell over here, ill give it a try!  My new waveSUP ill bring on over to Ireland too for the Boardkings wavesailing trip coming up next week! That'll be fun for sure!

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