zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Mellow day at the lakes @ Strand Horst 29-09-2013

This week the wind came of an easterly direction.
No good for the northsea, no swell either.
Time to hit the lakes over here.
It was a while ago that ive been cruising.

Flatness at times.

At first i rigged up my Point-7 AC1-2K13 7.2m2 with my AB+59/95L underneeth.

The gusts were very short and was standing to much besides my board because of that.
A bit later i took out some bigger machinery, the Mistral AB+123L/75.
Put on my Maui Ultra Fin Slalom race 40cm underneeth. What an great combo that is. Enough lift and nice speeds aswell. The max speed on this boat was around 58kmh, with an 10sec of 55kmh. Today i did a distance of 61 kilometres.

Between the breaks i took the effort to shoot some pictures from everyone that was having fun out there.  Unfortunatly no actionshots from myself this time.
But a alot  people were the lucky one having a nice shot of themself.  

Boardkings sharing the stoke!

Click here for the 100+ pictures took today from everyone 

a few shots to get an idea from todays session

 Always wondering where your old sails end up?  well on a day as today you can find them all here at the lake Strand Horst!!! :-)

See you next time! Cheers.

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