zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Stormchase and the Flikka Experience - IJmuiden 8-10 Beaufort

The other day, the 10th of september 2013, we had unexpected Stormchase conditions on port tack.  IJmuiden was definately the place to be.
The wind was howling and raising up fast. I rigged up the Point-7 SWAG 3.7m2 and took my Quatro quad LS75 underneeth.
Im always in for a stormchase like that, luckily i didnt forgot my Swag 3.2m2. But i managed to hold onto a 3.7m2.
my playtoy for today - LS75.

Some new quatros 2014 models were laying around aswell. Hereby the Quatro pyramid 84.
Ready to go.

I asked my buddy Zuke to come over at  IJmuiden, because it was happening here right on this spot! It went off! Luckily he listned and came straight away.
Maestro Zuke here below.
Zuke and i were both overpowerd on the 3.7m2.
My friend Robin was on his neilpryde combat 3.3m2. Torben was going skyhigh with his Point-7 Salt 3.6m2 combined with his magical Flikka HC team carbon 80Liter. (more about that later)

Max windspeeds  35.6 upto 50.7 knots.

The winddirection changed a few times from onshore to sideonshore.

This time i had a hard time to find good control over my board. The board felt slippery, had many spinouts and breaked out a lot going out over chop.
 Port tack sailing we dont do often here, perhaps its one of the reasons.
For the first time, i had the orginal mfc fins setup underneeth. They felt so much different compared to my maui ultra fins. (which i borrowed to someone else)
Probably that was one of the other reasons, that i had so much trouble going out over the heavy breaks. Not having the MUF's what i'm used too.
I did some high airs + some backloop attempts. Most of them where out of control and crashed a lot.
Ofcourse i had my bits of fun out there :-)

into the bottom turn

 Bottom turning the Jem H. style ;)

  BAckside off the lip

Crashed the backloop below.

Later  on, i asked Torben to switch boards, but not sails. Only then you can experience best the difference between 2 boards and how they feel and react on the water.  
I placed my swag 3.7m2 on Torbens Flikka team carbon 80liter, 222x56.5. I was wondering how a full quad rocker shape would work out in these  extreme conditions.

Well, i can say it rocked big times! All of a sudden i had complete controll. Didnt break out once, full speed going out. When i landed the board a bit sideways jumping over chop, the fins pullled the board straight away into the right direction. No spinouts and maximum grip in the bottom turns! Wow! whats happening there. Its the Flikka magic i've been told :-)

DAMN what a difference compared to, what i thought it was a really insane board, the quatro quad ls75. The flikka custom won in every aspect and catogory of wavesailing is all about.
No bullshit there,  im sponsored by neither brands, but Flikka custom boards is really pushing limits there with outstanding quality products and even better shapes. Try and be convinced!

You can guess. I didnt want to give Torben his board back allready, so took it out for some more laps.
Torben experienced the same, but then otherwise on my quad LS75. Less control, more spinouts, breaking out in turns.  Perhaps the LS shape works better in cleaner conditions and not IJmuiden at its roughest.

Up to the next Flikka experience!!

Im having a new custom project coming up.
More details about that one later.
Its going to be insane!

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