zaterdag 28 september 2013

The Downwinder. Zandvoort - IJmuiden augustus 2013

Just some day in august, the 18th 2013  we went for a downwinder, that with my surfbuddy Robin B.

Zandvoort is known as his heavy currents.  How fun it is to just go downwind every single lap!
In the early morning we both arrived with 2 cars in IJmuiden. We dropped one car at the parking and together in one car we drove back to Zandvoort.
It was quite windy in the beginning but the forecast said the wind was going to decrease fast. At the end of the morning the wind would be almost gone. So we had to hurry!! We didnt wanted to get stuck halfway.

Robin choose his quatro LS98 for this trip and his neilpryde Combat 4.7m2. As im more heavy then he is, i rigged up my 5-Oceans 5.0m2 and FLIKKA EDBOX.
 I didnt need big fins, because it was all downwind.  i placed my small 2x Xtwins 16.5 and center 14.5cm underneeth. My fave finset up so far.

The Zandvoort Locals Bart Jan and Jeroen were also rigging their brand new Hotsails,  Quad and the 3 batten sail from Kauli Seadi

 Thats looking good Mr Jeroen!
 Rigging at the Skyline @ Zandvoort
 Ready to go!

Laid back cruising down the line. Dakine waterman backpack 2Liter liquid.

 Half way, taking a break.

 Still some kilometers to go, before the pier is in sight.

Keep on turning

 Finished the downwinder at IJmuiden. If you have the oppertunity to do a downwinder, just do it.  Its really fun. you dont have to worry much about currents, and going upwind.
 Next time we are going to do a longer  run. Probably something like Noordwijk -IJmuiden.
2.5 times as far, as the trip we did today. Who's dares to join? Let me know!

My GPS gave a distance results of 30 kilometers. A nice sunny day it was :-)

PS:  Anytime soon  will organize a downwinder.  We will go with a larger group of people and ofcourse with the BBQ at the end/finish.  Stay tuned!

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