zondag 15 december 2013

The Need For Speed

The 2nd huge storm of 2013   (5th of december 2013) 

                                       was raging over our country.

It was a normall working day at the office though. I tried to take off a few hours before dark.
I rigged my smallest Point-7 AC1, the 5.6m2, as it was windy enough!

Didnt had much time though, so didnt really do any tuning.  Placed my smallest C3 widebas fin underneeth, a slingshot 21cm + my AB+46/63L speedboard. I think used that combo just once before

At my homespot Wijk aan zee it was about 60+knots.  At speedspot Strand Horst it was max 43knots. see below.

The 5.6m2 was a good sailsize for today but my lack of speeding this year, took his toll. Didnt find the control i needed with such conditions.

 full planing laydown jibes went perfectly though.   You had to plane out of the jibe as the depth was like 30cm.

In the downruns  i didnt feel at ease id like. Meaning,  i wasnt closing the gap as i should. lost much speed there... what would of happend if id closed the gap here ;)

Some bumpy out of control downruns, and a few times i had to let go. I nice controlled crash afterwards ;-).

All speedies where allready gone home when i stepped up.
Pushing limits under pressure, haha. Now there was a timelimit, as it was getting dark anytime soon.  Would be nice to have a PR though, but not today i guess.

The waterdepth was shallow... around 30cm deep. One mistake/spinout and a hard faceplant guaranteed! Haha

I did manage to have a topspeed above 72kmh  which was nice and very close to my PR max speed, but hoped for more.  Didnt had much 10second runs because it was over before i knew it.

After a few moments the winddirection changed and i got myself in the middle of a lightning/hail storm.
Walked the walk back  for about 30 minutes combined with so much lightning around me strucking on the tree's close to me. First time i was a bit scary surfing/walking on a lake session :)

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