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Monsterswell @ IJmuiden - 6th december 2013

Another Stormchase...

6th of december 2013 - Location: IJmuiden.

Huge swell was coming in.  Yesterday the wind was peaking at 60+ knots and onshore.
Now the wind changed more into sideshore combined with a decent swell, it gave awesome conditions at the spot.

Massive swell hitting up againts the pier.

Rigged up my Swag 3.7m2 and had my newest Flikka Full Custom Jesus Christ' underneeth.
windspeeds around 30-40 knots.

Here below you can see P7 teamrider Martin ten H.  close under the pier.

Looks like a tsunami is coming in!

A few of my surfbuddies getting ready for action! Torben and Jeroen.

The one and only! Jepe.nl  
 Torben enjoying the big swell with his new shizzle - Point-7 Salt 4.0m2 2014

 another sneakpeek of my newest wave toy!! its  INSANEEEEEEE  - Flikka full custom 'Jesus Christ'    More news about the custom/design will follow soon.

Backie sequence, on my Flikka JC and Swag 3.7

Pic below its Lampie, Martin doing a perfect backloop.

I had my bits of fun out there. The waves werent that clean or long, but sure impressive!
My dad came along and took some pictures from me. I've made pictures of most other people, while i was taking a breath back on the beach.  To many hobbies i guess.  making photos of everyone having fun is one of them :-))

A lot of surfbuddies were out there ripping it up.

Jeroen G. with his newest 3 batten Hotsails in rough conditions, but enjoying the moment.

My Surfbuddie Bart ter H.    Cruising along the pier.  

 Airport: IJmuiden  - Departure: 3.30pm   Destinantion: Sky.    My flikka JC is rocking it!!
  The boats were having a rough day aswell getting into the harbour.

Pics below, made by Jepe!

Looking back, when im typing this blog. I do was underpowered most of the time with the Swag 3.7m2. A Swag 4.2m2 would of been a better choice today.
The waves were so impressive, it looked more windy then it actually was.

Scarey moment: I was pulled to long under water after getting washed.
For some reason i stayed under longer then id expected. Maybe it was the cold, maybe i was swimming into the wrong direction.  I do have to admit i had a little moment of panic below the watersurface. Doesnt happen much.

When i got above, my gear was drifting away towards the beach. I wasnt that happy at the time.
Went for the swim back to the beach. Jeroen G, my surfbuddy took my gear out of the shorebreak and we walked back upwind.  Didnt took long before i went out again. But that feeling of drowning is still on my minds.

I was getting tired i guess, not much longer i called it a day.

+68   Crazy photos made by: my dad and by myself on facebook
+115 insane photos made by jepe.nl on facebook

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