dinsdag 3 december 2013

Cold IJmuiden @ its best 30th nov.2013

Last saterday the conditions at IJmuiden were amazing and quite undutch.
Long clean swell, great heights and crossoffshore winds.

The wind was there only in the early morning. I managed to be there around 9:30am, but still one hour late to have the best wind of the day.
I used the 5-Oceans 5.6m2 and on my Flikka EDBOX 103 combined with a MUF Xtwin 17.5 + 2x Xtwin 15.5cm.

Didnt plane out, only planing on the wave going in. Once on a wave it felt magical.

FLIKKA 100+ liter waveboards @ the spot.   

The Edbox VS Harry's Flikka :-)

Unfortunately i did not had my Gopro with me or my Nikon telelens to show you how great the waves were.

You just have to trust me on this one :-)

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