vrijdag 20 december 2013

LAST MINUTE ROADTRIP TO LE DOSSEN - FRANCE - Coming up soon! 21th dec - 24th december 2013


          A last minute roadtrip 


We just decided to go there.. probably a 11hour drive. three people, Bart, Alex and i are going on this trip.
We booked an appartment for a few nights close to the spot and  leaving tonight/fridaynight 21th of december.

The arrival  around saterday early morning... Coming there in the most extreme conditions probably ive ever sailed in???  We ll have to see.  The swell for sure is impressive!!!!!

The forecast is amazinggggggggg... heavy winds, massive swell. SIDE AND SIDEOFF.

Would be amazing to test my new JC Custom board in  awesome atlantic conditions.

The coming days...

Windspeeds 7 to 10 beaufort!!          27 upto 49knots.
Waves 4.5 upto 5.8 meter. and Tuesday even 6.9meter ?? WTF!
Waveperiod 14 upto 19 seconds!!!

STOKED!    (but kinda scared, for not knowing whats to come haha)

Heading back home on the 24th...spending the Xmass Holidays with family. :-)


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