woensdag 29 mei 2013

Messy and Mushy ! @IJmuiden-NL 26 may 2013

 Dejavu from last wednesday!

kill and attack! ;)
My board doesnt like kiters that much i guess.

Started the day with a Salt 3G 5.6m2 around 2pm... but that was just to minimal. I was not really able to plane. Decided not to wait to long and walk the walk.
Switched sails and took my 6.2m2 again.

The wind kept on dropping and stayed around 8.2 m/s to a max of 10 m/s. Sideonshore.

Wouter E.  took some pictures with his cam in the late afternoon when he was done windsurfing.

Once again it was really fun to be out there at the spot, that with almost the whole team of Boardkings complete!      Although the conditions where minimal as F..%

 Jacco testing his lines, the classic way! :-)
into the jibe.

 Bart ter H. first time on his brandnew Fanatic Quad 101 2013 !!! unfortunately not enough wind  for him on the Maui Sails 5.7m2.    But the big man, needs bigger conditions to go big.  Next time Bart, it will be your day!! That board still needs a good spanking!

I offerd Bart also a spin on the 5-Oceans 6.2m2, which he accepted ofcourse :-).

Huh...Erik H.  what was he doing on the spot? :o) He always goes to some kiddylake with north west directions, but today he surprised us all to come around and play in the real world wave conditions. :-))

I tried seriously to do my very best and make something out of it.


Hang Loose!

 Smashing those little waves!
Nice spray on the top.

More pictures from today, you can find on the facebookpage/boardkings see here below


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