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Last autumn 2012 i've been on a trip with the boys.

 ' The Boardkings essentialtrip'   Ireland - Brandonbay 

A group of 15 people, several rentalcars and 3 villa's.  2 guys driving the big van from NL to Ireland that with all the windsurfequipment from all the others guys.

First some racks had to be build inside the van

The 13 other guys took the plane.

 Arrival at airport Cork.

From Cork its a few hours drive away from Brandonbay!

What an awesome spot that is and a  beautifull place for windsurfing and SUPing.
We all had a great week combined with a very interesting 5 day wave clinic from Jem Hall, known as one of the best windsurf instructors in the world!

Although it wasnt the windiest week ever, we still had such a pleasant time out there.
Many months later, i finally got the time to sort out some nice photographes to place online.

There were seriously Many manyyy THOUSANDS  to choose from :-). I just didnt know where to start lol :-) So hereby  a load of random shots taken during the week from
different spots, clinics, roadtrips, pubs, landscapes, seascapes, etcetera

Just enjoy and scroll away !

                         The platinum sponsor of this trip UNIFIBER and the

Ripping it up on the WAssup 9.0, borrowed it from Jem Hall.  Thanks mate!
                                         No footstraps to carry the board ;)

           Wind and no swell.   What to do?  We went for a few days to a lagoon nearby to do a lot of practise on the jibing, tacking and chophops!  its all in the basics! Where to place your hands, think about your stance. A good sailor knows his basics.

 It was so much fun and learned a lot from  Mr. if you dont go, you wont FkN know!  Jem Hall :)

a day at Dumps,  great swell was coming in... but crossoffshore minimal winds! That made it really difficult to go out sailing.   But i went for it anyway.  First some TOW on the SUP.

Paddling out.. at times it was quite difficult, as Jem would say. STAND  the F*  UP!

One of the rentalVans we had, during this week... it supposed to be a ford focus ;o) ehh.. nott. We had quite a bit of luck there. Every inch of space got used greatfully.
Here below sailing Brandonbay on a no swell minimal day. Rigged up my biggest custom sail, the 6.2m2 and did some tacking.. no planing, no waves anyway. Just my first TOW  in Ireland.. i had to go out there and enjoy the moment.

a good day @ brandon- dumps..  My SUP skills approved a lot after this week in Ireland. HAd so much fun in those waves.   Again credits to Jem Hall,  teaching me how to turn, stand up, how to sup backside into front side, where to hold the paddle during the ride  and it goes on an on..

i can remember this one.. shot taken at the end of the ride..  it was as Jem said, the 'longest ride  of the day.

Very crossoffshore and almost logo/masthigh at times.  Windspeed...3-4 Beaufort. What do you do?
YES, checking if my friends gear can handle the punishment!!!! Hahaha   My P7 gear was unfortanetly in a other Van, who drove away to play around in a kiddylake.  Thanks for letting me borrow the gear Richard! I sure had fun out there.
SUP till you drop, this is Helmut in action below. Man up, and STAND UP
washed badly and crawled onto the beach again... what a session it was! Excellent.
check the waves in the back.. insanity!   a floater 100L+ combined with a 6+m2 would of been perfect today. As we speak, i do now have a 100+ floater waveboard, so im sure ill be ripping it up  on our next ireland wavetrip in october 2013!
Helmut waiting to get washed  below :)
                                                         making my bottumturns!!

  Kung Fu panda mode : ON !
 The Kung-fu master 8-)     (ive been doing some Kung fu  many years ago)
                                                              enjoying those beautifull waves

 GOPRO HD2  Cam ON, the helmet... still have to check out that video.

Jacco B and me on the same wave.

some landscape shots;
roadtripping to coumeenole over the mountains
some land/seascapes!

                                      COUMEENOLE BEACH  =  BEAUTIFULL !!!!
check out the  clean lines

the coumeenole crew ;)
cruising on the SUP at coumeenole beach

more then headhigh !!!

yeah  nice day for a good swim!

super fly ;)

Coumeenole beach

Jacco B. going for it!!

a little sequence how to avoide the crowd on the line up ;o)

Kill and attack!!!
that was close

Nice topturn

lets go WINDSUPPING !!!

going down the line with a 150liter sup!

Nice pic, although he should of went for the lip!

riding the coumeenole waves with JEM's SUP and JAcco's Sail !

One of the three houses/villas on our stay
 Sweet sunsets
 Robby Fireman!

 JEm's Van
 Ruud and his sweet ezzy's
 BArt the TAcking master!
 Big waves at Scraggane ;o)
 Robby vs Jacco!
 Cruising on the Salt3g 5.6m2
 the Master, the teacher.  Mr. long lines , Jem Hall  himself ;)  

 After each session there was a videoclinic by Jem Hall. He filmed us each time and gave us tips and tricks and let us know the progression we've  gained.

 After all that hard work, ofcourse dinnertime!!!   haha on the right mr. Palerider on the forum ;)

 Boardkings teammembers Jacco and Richard

 Cheers mate!

unique great t-shirts!!!

 say CHEERS !!
The Beernight was totally sponsored by Unifiber!!! Big thanks guys!

 My buddy Robby on the right.

 Jem Hall had also a favourite participant on the clinic! ;o)   Can you feel the love? <3
 not only after taking to many beers... there was also some loving during the daytime clinics

home cooking!


 Nice parking place there...

 Jem Hall Teaching us how to jibe in style!
 tagging and spinning around
 lightwindsession @ Scraggane!

 shooting the action!

 SUP CLINIC at Inches  

 Time to pack up the shizzle and go home. 

how to pack a van!  

thats right! ;) 

With my buddy Bart on the left!


The next trip is going to be insane!

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