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Arrival GWITHIAN & downwinder to BLUFF - CORNWALL UK. 27 april 2013


27th april 2013

After the boattrip by Stenaline from Hoek van Holland to Harwich and a long (635 kilometer, 7 hour)drive from Harwich to Hayle we finally arrived at the spot around 2:30pm!

We were located on a 200mtr walking distance from the beach/spot called The Bluff.

The appartment where we stayed had a nice oceanview with Jeroen and Edith on the rightside as our neighboors. :-)

After the unpacking we drove to Gwithian. The forecast was not great for the rest of the week so i didnt want to miss out todays session.

When we arrived at Gwithian.. noone was planing out there,  but on their way coming in the windsurfers were riding sweet waves.

We met Jeroen G. @ the parking.     here below Supercaddy Jeroen, taking my board down the cliff.

Jeroen G  here  on his Witchcraft flexy tail 96L and 5-Oceans 5.3m2.

Jeroen advised me to rig up my biggest sail,a  customsail 5-Oceans 6.2m2.
So i did.

Once on the water the windspeed increased big times right away! Just my luck.

My  wife and kids were allready gone for a play and walk on the beach further up.

So i was left on the 6.2m2 for about one and half hour till they got back.

I did manage well, but max powered up, (almost overpowerd) with a big wavesail isnt all that.


Right away I switched sailsize and rigged up my Point-7 Salt 3G 5.2m2. Which felt much better.
This was quite the perfect setup, the board had enough float to get me out over the breaks each time and felt tremendously loose and turned like crazy. Im so happy with this new Flikka custom ED'S BOX.  Cant wait to do so many more sessions on it.

While i was going up the cliff and changing sails, the tide was coming up faster then i'd expected.
Its insane having a tide difference from 7 meter! When i got back down the cliff, i had to rig up my 5.2m2 in the water allready.  Jeroen made sure downthere that my new custom didnt got smacked on the rocks when i was up above.  Thanks Jeroen! While rigging down there we really couldnt stay much longer there, because the waves were allready coming in hitting the rocks.

Decided with Jeroen to go out anyway but not  come back there.

We did a downwinder towards the Bluff where our appartments is.
Had lots of fun doing that! As it was my first time there on the spot, right away doing a nice downwinder on really nice waves.

The waves were 1.5mtr to a 3meter max.

 taking a little break half way downwind.

 some action shots on the gopro hero 3 black :

Once we arrived at the Bluff, the current was quite strong and high tide.  Jeroen was exhausted by the time and stopped.  I wanted to do just one other last final lap... Always that last one...
So went out, wind increased, got washed and almost got on the rocks with my gear. ;o)
Time to stop and enjoy the rest of the evening and sunset with the family.

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