woensdag 22 mei 2013

The Day After.... 11th may 2013 - Wijk aan Zee

The Day After...

from a high-wind session yesterday, to a minimal session today!

Rigged up the SALT 3G  5.6m2 and placed my custom Flikka ED's BOX underneeth!

 i had my bits of fun planing out in minimal waves.

even did some waveriding on those mushy waves

 off the lip, why? because the BOX makes it possible :)

 Another slam turn again. WHY?  see above, be cau  se the ED-Box mak es it hap pen,  i just love that board!

 Floater off the lip ! BAM
 The black team!  Marco ( sado 3g) on the left and im (salt 3g) on the right
Turn it baby

Smacking it- Crazyness

Pictures taken above, taken by my father!

Pictures taken below, taken by Torben:

If you want to see more (75+) pictures from todays session,  check out the facebook page Boardkings !!
See link here below:

Share the passion!!! and see you out there

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