woensdag 22 mei 2013

WIJKIKI Fired Up - 10 may 2013

Its been a while that I had such an awesome wavesailing day.
Lots of wind combined with even more sun!

                                                 WIJKIKI Fired Up !!

sailsize of the day was 4.6m2 5-Oceans, custom 4 batten.

Jepe.nl took some amazing shots today: See below:

OFF the lip!! 

Windsspeeds around 13 m/s upto in the gusts 18 m/s  Sideshore to sideon / angle 220 degrees

Jepe took some shots from several buddies of mine:

My friend Zuke going end over end ! KillerFWDS

 Boardkings team buddy Erik,  always having fun out there
More insane pictures from todays session taken by jepe.nl you can find here on the link below,

Before i went into the water, i took the time to take 100+ photos from friends and other windsurfers and placed it into the facebookpage -boardkings.

Several shots taken by me from friends:
Jacco flying
Jacco Smacking that lip!
 Robin into the bottum turn!
 Robin taking off!
All the other 100+ photo's from today you can find here on the link below! Have fun 

Up to the next one!

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