woensdag 24 april 2013

Wijkiki beach on Fire! 18-04-2013

The other day i took a few hours off from work.
It was sunny and windy, a combination that doesnt come often in our country :-)

at first i wanted to test the high end of my  new FLIKKA custom ED'S BOX 103L, but it was just too windy for that one, so it will have to wait.

Probably very soon in England/ Gwithain where im heading too.

I rigged up my 3 batten sail, Point-7 SWAG 4.2m2  combined with my Quatro Quad LS85.
a rocking combo!

A great wave session it was, had some insane and crazy jumps and a few sweet rides.
My Gopro hero 3 black edition was having difficulties connecting with the remote and several other issues. Unfortunately now having hardly any footage from todays session. Bummer.

Luckily  Photographer Jan Peter van P.  alias Jepe.nl  was standing on the beach with his proffesional canon equipment and made some fantastic shots, see here below:

Very happy with this picture below,  Move: the Jesus Christ   also got placed on the facebookpage world of windsurf.  Awesome ! :-)

 working that wave
 a sweet backie!
 chop hopping the white waters ;)
 floaty jumps aswell!

Teamrider Boardkings.com Jacco B.  a nice picture from him here below, ripping it up.

 Jacco shot some pictures too from todays session:
same moment, other camera.  
 Photographer JEPE.NL below.

a Backie 

 More pictures from todays session you can find on the Facebook Page Boardkings

A few gopro 3 black shots:

 backside waveride

See you on the water!

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