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FLIKKA ED'S BOX OF GOLD! The Final Chapter, PART 4.

YES ITS IN !                                    >214.8x63x103L<


But first, let's unwrap this custom beauty !
A flikka tool included. Yyou can use this tool for all the scews on this board. For the fins, footstraps, and ventilationplug

Hey!! Whats that underneeth the wrapping? ;-)

Think out of the box!  You'll eventually get the BOX you want!


                          HELLO WORLD, HERE I AM!

below a bunch of high resolution close ups.


The tail , shining silver, grey and white combined.........

.........faded into the full the fluor violet/purple  in the nose area !

 On top of the board,  the colours exactly the other way around!  FLUOR VIOLET in the tail area!


I think this board is sick!  The shape is allready amazing  (see part 1,2&3) and its paint makes it even more insane  :-)

 More close ups !!! HOT aint it!?

White/Silver/grey FLIKKA logos.. (stars and round circles)

Point-7 ...   check!

very light custom made carbon slotboxes placed inside.  Close to the rail. The widest possible  twin setup

 and TOE it is !
          if you look closely you see the fins are slightly placed toe.

and lets do the Math's

Board length: measured over rockerline,  that from tail to nose, its  218.5cm !!!
On the pic its stated  217.5cm (but you can add +1cm from the inverted fish tail)

Actual Board length :  in a straight line between tail to nose :    214.8cm !!!! INSANE isnt it.
 63cm wide and there should be 103Liters inside... cant wait to find that out.


I am going to try the board first with a TRAILER Setup,
 a Trifin but 2 bigger fins on each side where normally the thrusterfins are at, and a smaller sized fin in the middle to keep tracking still .
2x MAUI ULTRA FINS XTWIN 16.5cm on the sides  and 1x MAUI ULTRA FINS XTWIN 14.5cm  in the middle.

The MUF's are the fastest wave fins around on this planet.  and superloose! with these fins underneeth this concept will rock bigtimes!

The Weight :

To be honest,  i was so eager to put on straps and fins immediately, that i only weight the board afterwards including all the screws, straps, pads and the 3 fins.

7.35 kilogram (including all screws, pads, straps and fins)  Meaning the boards has a weight of 6+kg  something.. for a 103liters!!  and thats awesome.

More facts....
Lets see what the bottomshape is like on my Boxybaby :-)

MONOCONCAVE in front and middle section

 in the last area of the board the MONOCONCAVE it  goes  to a BICONCAVE as you can see below

 The last section into the tail,  it goes from BI-CONCAVE into V.

Board comes with a slightly inverted fishtail.. very cool!

Tribute to,
 wave warrior shark 257 @ 1999 tabletop.
  no hander  7 years ago @ South Africa with the Malibu Shark 264x60
 A Tribute to my very first customboards i had custom built 14 years ago by Wave Warrior     
These boards came aswell with a insane special paintbrushed 3D sharkprints.
                                       ITS FLIKKA COMING IN NOW


 This board just screams my name to be used ASAP!   

                                                             Probably tommorow @ Wijkiki Beach.

@ FLIKKA.nl - Flikkaboards.com Luka and Janez for building such an amazing board for me
@ KRIS S.  for helping me digitalizing my ideas on the customprints on the board!
@ Maui Ultra Fins supporting me with these new slotbox fins!  im sure they will rock underneeth.
@ all my friends who were just as stoked about this concept as i am, and kept on spamming me with input, thoughts and ideas.

See this board in action??   STAY TUNED 8-)   Feel free to share and place a comment

 Cheers !

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  1. Ziet er goed uit! Zal vast als een malle varen. Ben benieuwd hoe die je bevalt

  2. Thanks Robin, tried it today.. see new posting on the blog. Very stoked!

  3. Wat een vreselijk mooi plankje!! Strakke graphics, dat gaat vast goed komen op het water.

  4. Your welcome, Always willing to share the passion!