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Low-end Sesh @ Wijkiki Beach - NL 14 april 2013

First sunny session of the year !   


Here it is, finally @ Wijkiki beach - NL

Watertemperature 4 degrees.
Windspeed:  Not much.
Winddirection: crossoffshore / SSE

Wijkiki leftside

                                                                    Wijkiki rightside

Wijkiki in front of the parking/dunes..
Everybody was overpowerd on their smallest sails and getting washed by monster waves ;o)

eh.. not.. everybody was trying to keep their heads above water .

As you probably know, i loved to try out my new custom flikka board that i got in the other day.

 So i just had to go out anyway. :-)

Rigged up my biggest sail that I've got in my quiver. a customsail 6.2m2 from 5-Oceans, the lightest sail in the world. Cant go wrong there. A big production sail is normally so much heavier. The swingweight of this customsail goes to a minimum which makes wavesailing in less winds a lot more fun. It delivers the maximum power though which you need on a minimal day like this.

 Crrrrrrruising at the lakes of strand Horst.., ehhh   i meant the Northsea!   Enjoying the sun and this amazing board.

Duckjibing the 6.2.

Meeting www.Boardkings.com member Erik H.  on the rightside! 
 Meeting my surfbuddy, the jumping tackmaster, Robby Fireman on the left! ;-)

It always feels safe when the rescuebrigade is on the look out at my homebreaks! 
Respect to the www.KNRM.nl

Low end range of this Flikka Custom Box project :

A session with a 6.2m2 wavesail and most of the time sailing underpowerd i call low end sesh.
There were moments though, that i was fully powered. But in general during the day close to the beach there was practically hardly any wind. Combined with kneehigh waves, windstrength 3-4-5 (gust6) beaufort. I have to say this board ROCKED these shitty conditions!

I never before had with lightwind circumstances a turn/radius this short. The first turn i was quite shocked. The board had a very good  grip in the bottomturn, on top of the wave it slides agressively over the lip and felt superloose under my feeth! Its like standing on my smallest quad board. (75liters) only this board has so much more hidden volume..Who should of thought this could happen! I allready fell in love with this customboard.

As the waves were so small i noticed i was sailing more backfooted. Normally i hang more into the waveface, frontfooted sailing.

turn turn turn like crazy!

Gopro Hero 3 Black footage:

a few turns below; 

switched stance?

in the bottomturn close to the beach

 Test Test.. Birdy flying by.  TEST succeeded! Nikon D7000 - Nikon 80-200mm/f2.8

a sequence on a tiny wave.

The fin setup: Maui Ultra Fins Xtwins... 2x 16.5cm and 1x 14.5 cm

In the beginning i thought this setup would have a too small surface cm2 for my 6.2m2.
But it surprised me, still getting the height i wanted, the speed, lift and drive. No spinouts all day. It felt superloose but just enough grip to have a bunch of fun.
Even when i was fully powered on the 6.2m2.
 I believe this board works so much better in conditions where i can use my smaller Point-7  sails, the Salt 5.2 and  Salt 5.6m2. I will find out soon!

Thanks Dad for making the windsurfing pictures!

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