maandag 8 april 2013

SNEAK PREVIEW - PART 3. - FLIKKA Custom BOX Project 103L

At the time im writing this blog, my unique custom Flikka 'box' board is finished!  Yeah ! 8-)

Its allready a few days on transport from Slovenie to the Netherlands. I hope to have it in this week!

For sure, whenever its windy next weekend, i know where ill be @ !!! Ripping at my homebreaks Wijk aan Zee alias Wijkiki beach !

The complete outline  here below:

What do you think?   yes, no, ..maybe?           ( bottomshape details, see part1 and part2.)

Feel free to share your thoughts,  i personally think it will rip those dutch nasty waves into pieces!

103Liters boxed up into this piece of gold :)
Full wide pointy nose,  thin rails in the back-end.
bulletproof construction and yet, lighter then most productionboards on the market.

   Whats up with the blackness in the middle?  hehe ;-)

Print & Design....  
  I just love the Fluor colours.
I choose for the purple/violet fluor colours, combined with silvergrey/white
and some special requested prints.... more of that soon!
More pictures will follow ASAP whenever it arrivés at my doorstep.
Stay tuned for part 4

Feel free to leave a comment :-)

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