donderdag 4 april 2013

Need for speed - with my newest P7 AC1 2K13 racesails @ Strand Horst 3 april 2013

pic above made by Janes Broekhuizen

3rd of april 2013.  Location: Strand Horst.

This freezing winterperiod finally came to an end. YES !

Today i  finally had the time to go out and get to play a bit at the lake nearby.

Rigged up one of my brandnew  Point-7 race sails AC1 2K13 6.3m2. 

Damn  its a fine looking badass sail! 

I took my time to get my settings right on the AC1 2k13 and went off.
the sail feel lighter then my former ac1's.. very stabile with  lots of drive trough windlulls.

The challenger sails teamriders Aart V. and Armand R. were out there enjoying their  new Challenger Aero racesails '13.

Today it was  Black vs White  .....   Point- 7 vs  Challenger :-)

As its been forever ago (6months) that ive been on a slalomboard, it took me like 5 minutes to get used ;o).

Gopro hero3 black  screenshots! 

taking a little break with my speedbuddy Aart V.

 easy cruising

full speed going in. 

nicely powered up

 Always wave when there is a camera around... SPEEDCRASH :)

Easterly wind (totally offshore at the northsea, not able to do a wavesession), with a force 6 beaufort and SUN!  16 upto gusts 29 knots.       What can you wish more.

The rotating goes superb!

Jibing full speed , doing my downwind runs... as its been yesterday hehe.
and what about speeds?? well ive been cruising  a lot  today, it was quite choppy with this winddirection. The lulls werent long enough and close to the beach there was no wind at all.  But so now and then had nice speeds.  as on this picture below.

The quiver i used ;  AB+54/78L + Point-7 AC1 2K13 6.3 + C3 Slingshot 23cm.

but as the wind dropped during the afternoon i  switched boards to a bigger version of the  AB+59/95L / C3 Slingshot 25cm.

A nice day it was to be on the water again.

Stay tuned!


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