zaterdag 1 juni 2013

100+ km cruising @ strand Horst 31-05-2013

@ work the whole day...once finished drove to the lake nearby.
a bit of son and windy enough to rig up my Point-7 AC1 2k13 7.m2 & AB+95,  underneeth i placed an C3 Venom 34cm.

a great afterwork, eveningsession it was!
Managed to do a 100+ kilometers, 102.6 kilometer to be exact ;)

I didnt do much speeding today, just doing as much distance possible before darkness came in around 10pm.
 i'm planning to do a 200 or 300kilometer  long distance session anytime this year.
Many people have done it before..   i havent yet :P. 
No record attempts or whatsoever, just for pleasure and want to know if im able to hang onto the boom that long.  :-)

waterdepth -5cm

12-23 knots    NNW winddirection   in the evening

During midday, there was more wind 15-26 knots

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