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Check out the action~    ;-)

 - Windsurfing @ the Lake - 8th june 2013
Laid back cruising in boardshorts, let the summer begin allready

Curvy obstacles along the ride  ;-)

Today i didnt do much speedsurfing really. I was working on my tacks a lot. Aswell i did a few ducktacks on the AC1-2k12 7.9m2 ;)  The most fun move i tried today was bodydragging full speed!  A  real fun move to do on a Sunny day :-)

Hereby first a few sequences:

                             HOW not TO  Bodydrag ;)

To much downwind....
Oops... this one is going into a catapult

okay, 2nd try...

 Oooh Shit.. Here we go again!!

  Rome wasnt build in just one day either... :-P   so keep on trying!!
Actual windspeeds @ strand Horst
 Cruising in boardshorts, Awesome!

okay, this is how it should be done!




Step 1:

Make sure the sun is shining and your sailing in boardshorts ;o)

Step 2:

having good speeds at the time and nicely powerd up.
Go first a little upwind before you decide to step off your board.  
But why? Well because, while you are bodydragging aside your gear, your board wants to go downwind very rapidly. It gives you a bit more time to step off....bodydrag... and step on again!(the difficult part) and continue planing.

                                         Step 3:

Always go out with your front foot first. Put your front foot into the water. Because of the speed your leg will stretch out and your toes are going all the way back. As you can see here below.


                                        Step 4:

Let go of your back feet and jump/step off. Make sure that you keep good pressure on your backhand. Drag as long possible when your able to maintain speed.

The fun part !!! :-)

                                   Step 5:

The most difficult part is getting back on board! Before your board is going to far downwind and trows you over into a catapult, you have to pull on your backhand, hard! Time to get back on quickly.

                                   Step 6:

Step 3 in Reverse. Pulling the boom closer to your body, makes you go up.  Put your back foot first on the board and your front foot will automaticly follow.

Check the picture below, its alsmost the same one as in step 3. (stretched front leg)
Only more white water, because off pulling your body back over the watersurface.
 Keep on pulling!!!

 and there you go. Mission accomplished.

Sheet back in and enjoy the moment :-)

 Enjoy trying  & Share the stoke!


Press here for GPS-Speed results from todays session
Shots by:  GOPRO Hero 3 Black

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