woensdag 3 maart 2010

Spring is in the air!

Finally this ice period 2009/2010 comes to an end!

I can finally dust of my sails and boards. fine tune em, and hit the dutch coast again. My S.O.S.'s been waiting long enough. At the moment its still freezing out here, but the day temperatures are above zero. Soon it has to happen!

My son talked to me about surfing again and wanted to go out surfing with me. I told him to wait a few more months as the watertemperature is bits above freezingpoint lol that lil bugger will be better then me one day!
Here below a few pictures of last surfseason...
...trying to get into his suit..

My son uses my biggest custom malibu waveboard with a 1.5m2 kidrig. a great combo so far. Gladly he enjoys surfing a lot, what makes me so proud ;o)

My babygirl here january 2010 trying on her new wetsuit. She will hit the lakes coming summer! Better Watch out!

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