zaterdag 9 januari 2010

09-01-2010 First session 2010 on Frozen water

Its been a windy day, upto 7 beaufort. The big lakes were frozen. For many weeks its friggin cold.. yikes.
Decided to go for a quick ice surfsession, that on my friend robin's icegear. My iceboard is still 'work in progress' and not finished.
My wife and kids were about to go iceskating, but ended up staying inside the car as it was to cold for my babydaughter to go outside... brrr.

Here is my wife searching for me in the snowblizzard, while i was standing a few metres next to her :-P

I did a few laps. Felt on my knee hard, luckly not broken, but as im writing this, it still doesnt feel any good either.

My friend Robin, got better speeds, as he was more in control on his gear.

I prefer liquid water above frozen at anytimes. But it was fun to be out there.

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  1. It looks soo cold ! Makes me think England is pretty warm in winter. Nice blog..have joined as a follower too.