zondag 27 december 2009

Point-7 AC1 LTDII Rig session @ home

Merry Xmass to all and a HAppy windy Newyear!!!
As it's been snowing outside, freezing and full on winter...

(above my crib in the snow. the middle one)

I have recieved the last several weeks a set AC1's ltdII 2009, last week i rigged one of the sails, my 6.7m2 AC1 for the 1st time. Inside the livingroom again. Because outside i was freezing my ..... off !!! ;o)

Looks good dont they!?

Right now i gatherd 3x P7 AC1's 2009 in size 6.7m2, 7.2m2 and 7.7m2.

The AC1 LTDII 7.7m2 above. This sail is going to be used on my Fanatic Falcon 105, for bits of cruising down the lake.

Perhaps in the near future, by high winds, i would like to have a size AC1 ltdII 6.2 m2 to make this whole P7 set complete. This 6.2 would be a replacement for my Naish Stealth proto 6.0m2. Havent found a 6.2m2 yet.

The Naish stealth proto 2008, see above is still my PR- speed sail so far.
Hopefully the black machines will give me new Pr's in 2010 at my local speedspot Strand Horst! Time will tell.

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