maandag 7 december 2009

Wijk aan Zee- Mellow on Yellow (SOS 92) 3 december 2009

Last weekend it was windy once again, but unfortunately missed out on saterdays action, because i had still tuns of chores left to do in the house. Plus i had to be home on time, cuz 'sinterklaas -eve' couldnt be missed. My wife would of killed me :P. Me being home on time on a windy day, thats mostly not an option. So i missed out on saterday. Sunday i had more chances for a fun session. As the wind was less in the early morning, i only took my SOS 92 rocket with me and a 5.0/5.4/6.6m2 and went off to Wijk.

Finally standing on the dunes, there was not much action. Shallow waves. But the wind was nicely sideshore. I rigged up the P7 Sado 5.4m2 for the first time and walked the pad trough the dunes.

As i had not rigged the 5.4m2 before, brandnew sail. I noticed when i arrived by the coastline, my masttop didn't fit in the sailtop. Argh. Anyways i rigged it up anyway, and decided not to go sail far out, not do crazy things, as i didnt want my masttop to break out the top of the sail. I had some waverides, nice off the tops and good snappy turns. Not much later the wind was getting harder then expected and didnt had control anymore trough my waverides. I changed my rig to 5.0m2, which was a better choice.

A impression picture below how it was like. Shallow waves but fun to be ripping on.

Sailed a few more hours and called it for today, as darkness came in.
A mellow session on my yellow SOS 92. The Point-7 sado 5.4 worked out just fine on my big board. Hopefully next time i can use my 5.4m2 bits longer.

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