zaterdag 28 november 2009

28 november 2009 groundswell and 7-8 beaufort. Wijk is Rocking again

As it was going to be windy again this weekend, I once again went to Wijk aan Zee. This november month, its been windy for several weeks in a row, that combined with decent temperatures. I've heard on the news, it was one of the most warm november month since the last decade. For today quite big waves were expected, ground swell coming in and windswell. Didnt wanna miss out any of it, so i filled my car with 3 waveboards, 5 wavesails, and a bunch of rdm's. In the early morning the waves were flat still, from what ive seen on the wijk aan zee-webcam, with a very offshore winddirection.

Around 11 o'clock the wind changed to a more sideshore direction, the wind was rising hard and i went off to Wijk. For me its a one hour drive every single time. But again it was worth it. As i arrived, had a bit of doubts which sail to rig on, as the wind didnt reached its peak yet.

I choose my sado 4.5m2 which seem to be a good choice. A 5.0m2 would of been to much, and a 4.0m2 would of been to minimal at times but possible too. My friends

Robin rigged on a 4.2, and so did Martijn 'The Man', only he's 30k heavier, but it worked out for both. I guess for Robin the wind was a bit much at times. ;o)
My dad came around for the pictures, and several other cameramen and photographers were present.
Here im going for a high jump
- sequence -

Pictures above are captured from video from today.

Pictures below made by Jepe.
Me, cruising trough the shorebreaks of Wijk aan zee.

Martijn going off in front of JePe's lens.

Robin with his red combat

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