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First (minimal) session this year @ Wijk aan Zee 20-03-2010

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Above one of my fave spots Wijk aan zee!

The forecasts this week were looking good for the weekend, there should of been enough wind to use a 5.4m2, with a sideshore (SSW)winddirection. After an hour drive, a to long walk trough the dunes with my SOS92.

i saw several people coming off the water and going backwards.

Above Jop, just after his minimal session.

Just my luck. The wind died, but not completely yet... After a 4 month winterbreak, i decided to go anyway! My friends Roland and Martijn de Man also just arrived and had the same feeling as me. Going in anyway, it was such a long winterbreak. Rolands biggest sail he brought with him was a 4.7m2, but he could borrow my sado 5.4m2. Roland is a leightweight sailor, it should work out for him. I pulled out my 6.6m2 sado brandnew out of the sack. Before i hit the water i shot some pictures from the mellow conditions, so ya all can see how boring it was :-P.
Martijn used the 6.6m2 sado 2009 on a RRD freestylewave 111L 2010. A big floater for an old Giant, as the italians from p7 call him :P

This time Martijn managed not to break his masts. ;o)

I have been planing a few metres/feets myself on a 1 or 2 ft wave, but my yellow SOS
Rocket 92 didnt had enough volume to stay above with these minimal conditions. The wind completely died, when i got on.. Had a laugh with my buds, forgot to put on my neoprene gloves. Swimming with 4 to5 degrees watertemperature isnt everything i can tell you that.

Next time i go out, it has to be rocking out there!! Orelse i'll stay at home with a hot cup of chocolatemilk in my hands.

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