woensdag 31 maart 2010

Sideoff to sideshore 6 - 8 beaufort @ Wijk 31-03-2010

The day started with bringing my son to school, and my babydaughter to family. So i had the chance to go surfing for a few moments and drove off towards the beach. Finally arrived, there was a very side offshore wind. Conditions looked great!

See Torben sailing in the morning hours, here below with the Witchcraft 3.0 77L x4.8m2 Hotsails Smack 2010.

And stimi here below going off aswell on his new starboard quad ..

When i got on myself, the wind was very gusty. I rigged up my 4.5m2 sado which was i think the best option for today, and took my SOS rocket 68. Which was NOT the right choice today. I should of listend to my self, offshore winds, gusty, dont take a board 2olitres below my own weight. But the SOS 68 surfs so nice, i just wanted to take it out again after a 3 month winterstay in the barn. I seriously would of been better with the sos 82. Did a lot of swimming today.
I did had a few nice waverides and a few high jumps. But most of the time my board was working like a submarine. Didnt feel like walking back trough the dunes to get my bigger board. The wind wasnt hard and steady enough to keep me above water. Later on in the afternoon the conditions got worse, choppy, more flat, crappy and combined with the wind going on and off the whole time and me not planing anymore, i just had enough. i went off around 4.30pm. A 2 hour drive further because a nice traffic jam was calling my name on the way back home, i could finally high jump straight into the shower. My dad came around to @t Wijk, he made some pictures of me. All the other pictures, where i am not on, i took myself.

Me going over the shorebreak.

See link below for more pictures taken today

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