donderdag 6 mei 2010

Lightwind Afterworksession - 06 may 2010

Once i finished work, rushed home to get my racinggear.
The conditions were about the same as 2 days ago. Winddirection North East/Windspeed14 kn. upto 21 knots in the gusts.

As i was quite late aprox. 7.15pm, i rigged up my biggest sail AC1 LTD II 7.7m2, my biggest fin tectonics goldwing 36cm and biggest board the Fanatic falcon 105.

This session i was nicely powered up. Great! The last time,2 days ago in exact same conditions with 7.2m2 i got less speeds out of it. Todays speeds were okay,

average around 56kmh, and max speeds about 58,71kmh.

After a distance 35kilometer

darkness came in and went home.

A short powerfull session.

A 4th place of the day/spotranking. Most of the guys been surfing all day though. a 3th place would have been possible if i had a bit more time on the water.

But when will i get to use my speedboard again!? Or my little SOS rocket fish!? Cant wait by the way to use my P7 Sado 3.3m2! Its stil brandnew in the sack, just as my sado 4.0 m2! Perhaps it gets out in Gran canaria, pozo, where i'll be this summer july-august. But whenever the wind gets going on, I'll definately ask my dad to shoot pictures. Forecast for coming week looks miserable.. No wind. yikes. Stay tuned! ;o)

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