woensdag 19 mei 2010

19-05-2010 sunny weather @ horst

It doesnt seem to change. For weeks we have the same weather conditions. At dutch coastlines theres no wind at all, but around the lakes in the middle of the country theres about 14-21 knots.

Today I rigged up the FF 105/ac1ltdII 7.2m2/tectonics f1 34cm.
Didnt got any speeds out of it, lacking power to much . i pulled the downhaul from 7.2m2 a bit to hard i guess. Did had some nice alph@ times though.

Later on the day i changed to 7.7m2 which feels better for me in these conditions. but short after that the wind was taking off.

In a break i made a few (50+)pictures from other surfers on the spot!!

click the link for more windsurfing pictures
speedsurfers on the lake.
Richard aka Richochet with the stealth '09

and Kees H. with the blade '09

Overall i had a nice session, no real speeds, but got tanned. It was worth it.

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