woensdag 28 oktober 2009

POINT-7 SAILS !!! - My 2010 wave & race quiver.

I've sold my quiver NAISH Boxers '08 (4.0 to 6.2 m2) + my old Neilpryde combat 3.3 m2'05 for those tornado days. Coming season 2010, I'm going to switch my Naish quiver, and go for POINT-7 sails.
My wavequiver will mainly excist off powerwave sails.

I have orderd the 3.3m2 (yellow), 4.0m2 (red), 4.5m2 (yellow), 5.0m2 (red), 5.4m2 (yellow) and 6.6m2 (red).


My race quiver, i would like to change this aswell to POINT-7.
The black machines!
The full-on race/speed sails AC1 LTDII '09.
My current racequiver 6.0 stealth proto'08, Loft Blade 6.8 and 7.5m2'08 will have to go, and are for sale at the moment.
3 sailsizes POINT 7 AC1 LTDII would do the job. A 6.2 m2, 6.7 m2 for GPS-speedsurfing combined with the Fanatic Falcon speed, and Falcon 80 and the 7.7 m2 for a bit of cruising with the Fanatic Falcon 105.

The POINT-7 AC1 LTD II '09.

Hopefully the Black machines will arrive soon, and tested before the winter comes in. Detailed pictures from the P7's will come later on.

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