zondag 18 oktober 2009

IJmuiden 16 oktober 2009 -Sideoffshore conditions

In the late afternoon, i had luckily some time left to hit some waves. After a long trafficjam, i finally arrived IJmuiden. A great swell with a north winddirection was hitting our coastlines. It was very crowded with tuns of windsurfers. I rigged up the Naish Boxer 4.0 and my SOS 82 which seems to have been the right choice for today. The conditions where gusty, nasty chop, but great swell came in, combined with a sideshore winddirection. Perfect! I had some really nice waverides today and tried even a few wave360's.
I did not do a lot of jumping today. Unfortunately i was quite late on the water, and darkness came in shortly after.

A short wicked in session it was. Hopefully more of these days to come! [I dont have pictures from todays session.]

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