zondag 4 oktober 2009

3 oktober 2009 Wijk aan Zee - The Stormchase 30-50 knots

Yes Finally! A storm was hitting our coastlines. 8 to 10 beaufort in a sideonshore winddirection.

I went out there with the sos 68 and boxer 4.0m2 combined with a 340rdm mast.
Together with some friends. Martijn with the black Point 7 Sado 4.2m2, later on fully overpowerd. At first still a bit of controll left As you can see here below.

And here we are sailing together.

Robin overpowerd aswell with a 3.7

and Torben on the water with his new 2010 equipment Hotsail smack 3.8m2.

A radical day, unfortunately today with a lot of damage. Today i broke 2 100% rdm masts. Both powerbreakage in the middle section of the mast area. They didnt break by getting washed by waves. Or just an inch above the boom aera, just higher in the middle. Just by landing hard i guess. Did a lot of jumping today, i guess the rdm couldnt handle it anymore.

Today i went out for the first time packed up with helmet and impactvest.

a few more shots from this awesome day

a few crashes on my behalve

I ended up this day sailing with a NP combat wave 3.3m2.

End of the stormchase -time to go home

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