zaterdag 13 juli 2013

NEW Maui Ultra Fins Slalom Race fins 2013 @ the Palendijk - 10-07-2013

The Palendijk 

After a long day at the job last wednesday,  Jan and I went for a short eveningsession at the lakes nearby.

For me it was the first time sailing at this spot, called the Palendijk! ;-)

Its much deeper then speedspot Strand Horst. But your still able to keep your head above water.
I got a new Maui Ultra Fin underneeth my board!  A slalom racefin this time.  Very curious how it will work out. Underneeth a 75cm wide board a 40cm is quite small, but im always racing in shallow waters, thats why i wanted a Fin with a lot of surface.  This one should be it. You can compare this 40cm raceslalom fin from MUF with most other 44-46cm slalom fins.

The newest model Maui Ultra Fin Race slalom 40cm tuttlebox.  looking sweet aint it?

 This dude below was my caddy for today :)

 Here below is Jan B. sailing his loft 8.6m2 with his 133L starboard, combined with a huge weedfin underneeth. 
     as i dont have any bigger, i rigged up my Point-7 AC1 2k12 7.9m2! A great racing sail that is, which generates a lot of power.

The last fin i used for my Mistral AB+123Liter board was an C3 Sting 38cm. which was actually quite small for this board.  This MUF slalom race 40cm gives me good drive, enough lift and nice speeds. Im very pleased with it.  I switched sails for while with Jan. I used his loft switchblade 8.6m2 on my Mistral AB+123L. The 40cm fin worked out great with the bigger sail 8.6m2.  But i must say, i didnt plane  any earlier with the Loft Swithblade 8.6m2.  I guess the black racingmachine 7.9m2 generates more power and pull then the Loft Switchblade 8.6m2.
A total different sail, i prefer the  Black racing machine though.

The Palendijk, a nice spot for cruising, freeriding, chophopping and freestyle.  I'ts not the best location for speedsurfing. The chop is higher then at the other lakespot Strand Horst.

At this time of year there is to much weed everywhere on the lakes. Every few 100metres speed was reducing because of dragging  piles of weed along.
But it sure nice to be on the water again.

Share the stoke!                 and up to the next one.

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