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Crazy moves@ Force 7-9 Wijkiki beach-NL 15th june 2013


My new/oldskool fave hardcore move, 'the Jesus Christ' 

aka Eagle Wing aka One handed Table Top.

but first things first... I started the day with my 4.6m2 5-Oceans,
first i took for an hour or so some pictures from everybody out there! 
Sharing the stoke!
They can be found on the facebookpage from boardkings.com
click here on the link below for the

i had a lot of fun out there using my smallest board for a change, the Quatro Quad LS75.
The left one is mine! 

Powered by: Maui Ultra Fins Xtwins 15.5cm.
Normally i would of taken my LS85, but wanted to try out a smaller one and see how it went. The board felt more controllable and had softer  landings, that because of the thinner tail and volume.
I can remember landing hard the other day on my LS85, after that i walked like an old man for several days. 
did a lot of tabletops today, guess its my signature move :-)

Actual windspeeds. it kept on rising during the middag/early evening.  
Max gust today 41.8knots/21.5ms/Force 9Beaufort.
side/sideonshore 224degrees 

windstats during the day
Windspeed good for 4.2m2
Later on it a 3.7m2 would of been a better choice.
as it kept on rising, i switched sails.

 I took a break to switch sails from  my custom 4 batten sail 5-Oceans 4.6m2 upto my Point-7 SWAG 4.2m2.

another table top: a lower one but spotted by camera!

I met several other surfbuddies at the parking,  The Boss, Mr.  Zuke
 and my ex-windsurfbuddy(bad knees), now SUPbuddy MArtijn de Man! demansneltransport  for the quickest transport throughout whole Europe!!!
Mr. Zuke in action!!! Also powered by: Maui Ultra Fins X-wave 20cm.
 Zuke going hard into a topturn
Zuke getting some airtime
going for the pocket here!!!
barely made it.
The big Boss, Zuke
Today i tried several times the insane and difficult move the 'Jesus Christ! What a scary move that is !   Hanging upside down in the sky, your boom to the right, my other hand to the left. boardnose in front, mast in the opposite. (aslike a cross in the sky)
i didnt land any of them in a good way. In other words, i Crashed hard each and every time. 
For the occasion i had on my helmet and put on a crash/impactvest.

another sequence

Oh crap! here we go again..

Boardkings teammembers Bart ter H. and Erik H. , tuning Robs 3.5 m2 Loft wavesail!
Helmetboy, Hangloose Mo.... F..ker ;-)
Everyone was all smiles today! :-))
 The Big man Rob, sailing probably with the smallest sail out there today.

Going in a bottom turn
Below another Big Man, BART !  The first time he was going out on his Fanatic Twinzer '2012  Powered by: Maui Ultra X-twins 16.5m2. Aswell stoked about these fins cause its drive, speed and manouvrability

some other crazy stuff:
fronthand back into Crash

such a nice day to be on the water!

several topturns

some floaty jumps!!! ;o)

Houston we have lift off
check the kiter on the rightside of the picture

almost reaching the impactzone.

lets try that crazy move again!!

Another one
this move will free your mind

enough played. time to go home.
an amazing day came to an end!  Sun, Rain, Wind and Rainbows!

See you guys next time
                           sharing the stoke!         BoardKings

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