zaterdag 26 november 2011

Onshore messy conditions @ Wijk aan zee

In the early morning i went first to Rotterdam to pick up my SOS rocketfish 82 which got converted from a single into a tri-fin! plus a cracked finbox was repaired and new grip was placed. The setup of the sidefins is were placed a bit 'toe', as you perhaps can see below. It should even perform better on the waveface.. But first some TOW before we can say thats true.
Many thanks Winfried for the upgrade!!

The conditions were quite side ONshore. I made the mistake to rig a to small sailsize 4.5m2. I didnt had the mood/motivation to walk the walk back trough the dunes to change it over for a 5.0m2. I been sailing low end/ underpowerd all afternoon. I couldnt test really the board as i would of wanted. I had allready enough trouble to keep my head above water.

Its been 10years that ive seen Oliver (on the right).. the last time was in south africa 2001 when we shared a villa over there during our stay. Nice to meet up again Oli! We have to do that again some day!

allthough i was underpowerd, i did had some fun moments .

Tabletop sequence.


click on the picture..zoom in.. and perhaps you can see my mast top behind that wave!4 mtr waves at times.

Me and Oli


take off


My surfbuddy Torben

Sequence.. on da wave!


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