zondag 6 februari 2011

5 febr.'11- Wijk aan Zee - 9 beaufort COldddddd

As i been speedsurfing yesterday. I had in mind for todayto go towards Wijk aan zee. First time at sea this year after a 3 month winterbreak. It was windy enough for sure! Finally!
Here below you can see the windstats of 5 february 2011 / 18-24ms 9 beaufort.

Rigged my kiddysail for this occasion ehhh meaning my stormchaserig: P7 sado 3.3m2 with a rdm340. Tuned low-end, even rigged my sado 4.0m2 aswell. That if 3.3m2 wouldnt work out. (saves me the long walk back to the parking). Used my SOS RocketFish 68L and tried underneeth a brandnew fin: Maui Ultra Fin Xwave 21cm.

The wind was sideonshore 228degrees. The watertemperature still frigging cold.

I didnt like the cold water at all.. was bits lacking power with 3.3m2, but enough do a few high jumps and plane trough the breaks. At the end of the day i took my 4.0 m2 which was more stabile. After a few laps i didnt had enough strength anymore in my arms/hands to hold on the boom. With 9 beaufort and low watertemperatures not that fun. Time to stop i guess. The MUfin xwave21 i tried worked out great. It has less cm2 then my orginal sos wave21cm but still gave me enough lift. I had not one spinout and it gave me more speed. Next time ill do a bit more waveriding and see how thats like with the MU Fin Xwave21cm.

A surprise for me was, that my sister Daisy came around to see me windsurfing. She took the pic see below with her cellphone.

Never thought my sis would of come around to the beach with these cold stormy winterconditions.

During the day i had a little crash and my mastbase turned loose from my streamlined extension, (i thought that wasnt possible with streamlined extensions. guess not) Far out in sea. the cold water yikes. That was ... NOT Fun.. which is an understatement. Luckily i got it back together out there (after been washed, and holding on to the board and sail) and quickly went to the beach.. as i felt frozen.

An other guy out there.. lost his gear temporarely at sea.. once finally arrived to shore, he started puking blood. He was send to the hospital. PeterVg, helped the guys equipment bringing back to his car again, (a longggg walk) and my sister drove his car to the hospital. Later on the evening he was able to go home again.

My dad shooted some film/pictures from the pear. thanks!


Tabletop with sado 3.3m2.

with 3.3m2 high jump..see that windsurfer below!

with 4.0m2 from the pear.

Had some hot soup with my family afterwards at the restaurant. Hopefully soon warmer temperatures!!!

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