vrijdag 4 februari 2011

4-2-11 First SPEED session of the year

Took a few hours off from work and went to Strand Horst for a bit of speeding.. Man o man.. it sucked lol Besides the cold, i had absolutely no energy at all and realised the last three months i should of went to the gym instead of trowing snowballs at my kiddies ;o) I'm always very carefull with my gear.. dont like unnessary damage.. While rigging my sail.. my brandnew Al360 E3 boom that i bought the other week at DAS BOOT, a huge gust made it fly away from the grass and hitted the street... there goes away the brandnewgrip. @#$%%% :-/

I rigged my 6.0m2 max loose leech, that with my FF speed. As it was windy enough.. a smaller sail would of been better. But hey... dont have one smaller.

in a certain specific mood i walked towards the water.

the waterdepth was abnormal low. you had to walk so faraway from the beach, to have enough water to step on your board.. did had some runs. but i was lacking energy to much and the waterdepth anoyed me a lot. Walked more today then actually surfing. Im not going there again, untill waterlevel rises to a normal level.
Tried for the first my GoproHD camera on my speedshizzle... anytime soon ill try to edit some... But then again.. havent even finished the surfmovie part2 from 4-11-2011 :)

Today its been about 17m2 upto 24ms /direction all day 222degrees @ Wijk aan zee..see picture below..

Okay then... a little PREVIEUW GOPROHD MUVEE

Tommorow i hope is going to be an even bigger day @ Wijk aan zee. around 51knots max?

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