woensdag 7 maart 2012

Cold wintersession @ Strand Horst 07 march 2012

In the afternoon i got some time to go out windsurfing at Horst.

Although it wasnt freezing, it probably was one of the coldest surfsessions from the last few months.
5 degrees watertemperature and 5 degrees outside, cloudy and raining non stop. Used combo:

AB+59, 7.2 m2 AC1 2K11, Slingshot 25cm that because of the minimal waterdepth.

Windspeeds SSW direction and about 6 beaufort max.

I had a distance about 45 kilometres. Mostly of my 10sec runs were around 59-60 km/h, with a topspeed of 63,9 km/h.

Average speeds:
59 kmh ( 60,96 60,71 59,33 58,22 55,76 )
Max. 2 sec. (software)
63,74 kmh
100 m run
63,08 kmh
250 m run
59,45 kmh
500 m run
57,26 kmh
Nautische mijl
42,88 kmh
1 uur
20,18 kmh
Alpha racing
29,96 kmh
44 km

the first time i took my dakine waterman backpack with me on the water.. how fun is that! Being away on the water for hours, that with 2 liters of drinkingwater on my back. I been drinking all the time while surfing ;o) when my drinking supply got due, i got off the water aswell.
I have been sailing also with a pair of handgloves on; Camaroo titanium modetec 0.5mm. I must say from all the neoprene handgloves ive had in the past... this would be the ones that works out best. BUT they werent as warm as the regular ones. For me, it was still quite hard to hold on the boom with gloves on, but acceptable. It was one of the reasons that in my runs i didnt had enough grip to hold on and didnt get the speeds i wanted. Later when i put off the gloves my speeds straight away went up with 5kmh. At the end my lowerarms and fingers were getting crampy.

Packed my car as i normally do lol.. cause of the rain.

i just wanted to get out of there ASAP. Drove home in my wetsuit..as there a hot shower was waiting.

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